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Camp Newaygo has hosted the Episcopal Youth Camp for over 16 years.

Check-in and Check-out
People are encouraged to carpool - but please make sure you have a ride to and from camp.

Check in time
All Camps - 4:00 pm on Sunday

Check out time - 11 am
Please note - all campers must be signed out at the end of camp.

When can you drop your children off and pick them up?
While we would love to be able to take your children an any time, the staff have much to do to prepare for camp please do not arrive before 4 pm. specific times.

Can my children drive themselves and check themselves in and out of camp?
Yes. If a camper is over the age of 16, they are allowed to drive themselves to camp only with permission by their parent or guardian. 
People under the age of 18 will not be allowed to drive with anyone else in their car without written permission of the parents.  Campers who drive will be asked to turn over the keys to their vehicles during camp and the keys will be kept in the camp office.  They may also bring a cell phone (in case of emergency while traveling), which they must give to the Camp Director during check in.  
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