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Health Services

Health Service: We have a Medical Professional on campus 24/7 serving as our "Camp Nurse," who will distribute medications and see to bumps and scrapes. Physicians are on call 24 hours a day for consultations and hospitals are close by.  

Please be as specific as you can when you fill out your registration form. At camp check-in, please speak with the Camp Nurse and your camper's counselor with questions or helpful suggestions about your camper.



health &Individual Needs

We have a Medical Professional on campus 24/7 who will distribute medications and see to bumps and scrapes. Physicians are on call 24 hours a day for consultations and hospitals are close by.  ​Please be as specific as you can when you fill out your registration form. The Camp Director or Health Coordinator will contact you prior to camp to review your camper registration and get to know any specific needs your child may have.



Prescription medication, nonprescription medication, & supplies - MUST BE IN ORIGINAL CONTAINERS and any other necessary medications they regularly use. All Medications (prescription and nonprescription) are kept with the Health Coordinator.

Disabilities and Accessibilty

We are an inclusive camp and our camp directors and many of our counselors have personal and professional experience serving individuals with physical, developmental, and emotional/hidden disabilities. Camp Newaygo is an accessible camp.

Inclusive Guidelines for Camp

Particular attention will be given to historically excluded or unrecognized people, such as LGBTQIA+ and differently-abled individuals. Additional consideration and accommodation will be given to ensure:

  • Camper/Staff privacy;

  • Maximization of social integration of all campers and staff;

  • Minimization of stigmatization of any campers and staff;

  • Equal opportunity to participate; and

  • Safety of all campers and staff.

Additional guidelines:

  • The safe use of restrooms and showers by all include numerous factors, including, but not limited to: age, sex, gender identity and expression, and privacy.

  • Campers and Staff will have separate showers or separate times for showers.

  • Overnight programs shall provide safe, supervised sleeping arrangements.

  • No bed, cot, or sleeping bag shall have more than one person sleeping in it.

  • It is acceptable for all campers/staff to sleep in the same open area when dressing rooms and bathrooms provide appropriate privacy.

  • Campers/Staff will remain fully clothed while in common areas at all times.

  • Campers/Staff shall be given the opportunity for at least seven hours of sleep each 24-hour period.


Food Allergies

The Chef is attuned to special needs, such as a gluten allergy and other food allergies, and will do their best to accommodate those needs.  It would help our staff, however, if you could send along a few extra snacks that meet your child's requirements.  All snacks are kept in the main lodge.  No food is kept in cabins. Please note all allergies, food restrictions and other dietary needs on your child’s registration form. 

Showers & Personal Care

We encourage campers to shower every day because they will be very busy! Bathrooms are supervised by counselors.  Showers are individual, private stalls. 


Home Sickness

Many campers experience home sickness for a brief time at camp.  We regard home sickness as a normal, healthy occurrence in a child.  The cabin counselors are trained to manage home sickness. Counselors will encourage them to talk it out and also make every effort to involve the camper in all activities.  If you receive a letter from your child expressing home sickness, we have found that by the time you receive it your child is likely having a good time and is no longer home sick.  We recommend your letter in response be upbeat and encouraging. Sometimes a camper asks to phone home because they are “home sick.”  We usually discourage this and will work with your child for as long as necessary to help integrate them into camp.  If you are worried, don't hesitate to call the Camp Director.

Bed Wetting

Bed wetting is nothing to be embarrassed about.  It is our policy to treat bed wetting honestly, in a straight forward manner, with discretion and compassion.  If bed wetting is or could be an issue for your child, please make sure you include this information on the camp registration and speak to the Camp Director of Health Coordinator when they call you before camp.  It may be best to pack pull-ups for your child. These can be kept with the camper in the cabin, or given to the Health Coordinator.  Often bed wetting can cause the first-time camper a great deal of anxiety.  Please let your child know that the counselor will help in every way possible and to tell the counselor if this occurs. We will wash all soiled bedding and clothing and keep it as confidential as possible. 

Sleep Walking

Please let us know if your child walks in their sleep so they can select a bottom bunk.

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