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Everyone Should Be Able To Experience Camp

EYC wants to assist as many families as possible with the cost of attending camp. We depend on generous donors who value the camp experience and want others to have a camp experience of their own. Our desire is to help as many campers attend summer camp as possible and to be good financial stewards with the limited funds we receive each year.

يجب أن يكون الجميع قادرين على تجربة المعسكر

To Request a Scholarship:

1 – Register your child for camp. This will ensure that a place in the desired camp session is available and held for you while the Scholarship Request Form is processed. A $50 deposit is required at registration.

2 – Complete this Scholarship Request Form.

3 – You will be notified (via email or phone) of any scholarship amount awarded, and an updated camp remaining balance statement will be sent to you. Any remaining balance will be due before the beginning of the camp session.

4 – Please email this completed form to: or mail to:
Diocese of Western Michigan
ATTN: EYC 1815 Hall St SESuite 200Grand Rapids, MI 49506

نحن ملتزمون بالحفاظ على رسوم العربة منخفضة قدر الإمكان. يتم تغطية حوالي نصف تكلفة المخيم من قبل أبرشية غرب ميشيغان ومؤسسة Bishop Whittemore.

نحن نعمل بجد لضمان قدرة أي شخص يريد حضور المخيم بغض النظر عن الموارد.

يرجى تذكر أن أموالنا محدودة ولا نريد ترك أي شخص خارجًا! نحن نشجع الأبرشيات والمنظمات المختلفة داخل الأبرشيات وأفراد الأسرة للمساعدة في تعويض المبلغ الذي يتعين على الفرد دفعه.

Have you asked church for financial assistance?
Have you asked other agencies for assistance?

شكرا للتقديم! سنكون على اتصال قريبا.

تقدم بطلب للمعسكر

منحة دراسية

Apply for Scholarship
Marshmallows over Campfire
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