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Camp-wide Rules

  • Bullying is not allowed.   (see the section on bullying for more information)

  • Refrain from Peer Pressure.  

  • Language should be used to uplift and support.  Abusive or inappropriate language (swearing, demeaning language, name calling, racial, ethnic or sexual orientation slurs) is not acceptable.  

  • Respect others’ need for privacy and quiet.  

  • People must respect the property of others.  Stealing will be dealt with individually and should be reported to the Camp Directors.

  • No smoking or drinking on campus.

  • All prescription or over the counter drugs and medications will be given to or cleared with the Health Coordinator.

  • Appropriate clothing must be worn. 

  • Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times. 

  • Wash hands before every meal and after using the restroom. 

  • Campers may not have electronics and will be set aside until after camp.

  • Campers may not use cell phones unless with the Camp Directors. The camp office phone number is (231) 652-1184 and is available for emergency use only.  

  • Valuable items should be left at home.  The Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan and the facility we rent from are not responsible for theft, loss, or damage of personal possessions. 

  • All visitors must have previous approval from the Camp Director and must find the Director as soon as they enter camp. 

  • All camp members should only enter their respective cabins. 

  • Do not write on cabin walls.  

  • No items that may cause fires may be kept in the cabin area. 

  • All snacks must be kept in the designated area in a sealed container in the lodge. 

  • Gum is not allowed at camp

  • Vehicles must be parked in a designated parking area

We do our best to help each camper have the best time possible.  
The Episcopal Youth Camp has a complete manual of policies that is kept on site and available to all parents and clergy at any time.  The following behavior policies must be upheld as we live, pray and play together – and work to form a Christian community.

We know that each camper is an individual and needs to be treated as such, and we do our best to accomplish that.  And there are some issues that we know need special attention.  Whether your camper is outgoing or shy, misses you every day, or has special dietary restrictions, we will try to accommodate.  If you still have questions, or your issue wasn't covered, do not hesitate to contact our camp directors at 

Violating Camp Rules
​Immediate dismissal will result from the following occurrences:
• The possession or use of alcohol (regardless of age) or illegal drugs or the misuse of legal drugs
• Using or possessing firearms or weapons
• Sexual misconduct with a staff member or camper

Dismissal for other disciplinary problems may also occur.  If dismissal because of a disciplinary problem occurs, transportation will be provided by or paid by the parent/guardian and any registration fees will not be reimbursed.  A copy of the incident report and the course of action will be sent to the person’s home rector or sponsoring clergy person and the Bishop.

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